chronic pain management

Chronic Pain Management

There are many pain treatment options that we provide as chronic pain management doctors. Pain comes in all flavors, whether they are acute, moderate, chronic, severe, mild, and self-resolving. There are many different variations of pain, many of which require specialized pain treatment programs. At Scottsdale Internal Medicine, we understand all types of pain, ranging from acute pain, chronic pain, pain due to nerve injury, or pain due to musculoskeletal injury.

Our approach to pain treatment management is to identify YOUR source of pain, and then formulate the treatment plan that is right for you.

Once identified, the source of pain is treated with medical and/or interventional treatments with the ultimate goal of complete pain resolution. If complete pain resolution is not possible, it becomes our goal to manage your pain in a way that facilitates an active and enjoyable life with few, if any limitations. As each individual case is different, your optimal pain management protocol may be medication-­based, physical therapy-­based, interventional or injection-­based, or a combination of the above treatment options.

Pain treatment is unique to each and every individual, and it is our purpose as chronic pain management doctors to provide the best treatment option for you.

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