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Visit Dr. Ben Evans of Scottsdale Internal Medicine – one of the area’s top primary care physician Scottsdale clinics. We provide extensive care for adult health regarding chronic illnesses, testosterone replacement therapy, pain management, and prescription drug addiction.

If you are looking for a Scottsdale internal medicine doctor that cares about your health, look no further. With more than 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Ben Evans can provide treatment to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Our clinic’s purpose is to tailor the most effective treatments in the areas of internal medicine, hormonal therapy, chronic pain and opioid addiction for all adults. Learn more about some of our treatments below!

Scottsdale Pain Management 

At our internal medicine and primary care physician Scottsdale clinic, we provide many pain treatment options for chronic and acute pain. Our approach is to accurately identify your pain and offer pain treatment programs to control and minimize the effects. 

Although there are many methods to reduce chronic pain (for example, the natural method of stretching to reduce lower back pain), not all pains can be treated at home. 

Our chronic pain treatment program covers areas of acute pain, chronic pain and pain due to nerve and musculoskeletal injury. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Scottsdale

Adults with low levels of testosterone may need extensive therapy to restore their hormone production. Following a testosterone diagnosis, one of our specialists at Scottsdale Internal Medicine will help both men and women find the best program to treat hypogonadism (low testosterone). Our testosterone replacement therapy program will not only help restore the hormone, but has been proven to make our patients feel better, become stronger, and exhaust more energy throughout the day. Visit our adult primary care physician Scottsdale clinic to restore your testosterone today!

Suboxone Treatment Arizona

Suboxone treatment therapy is a specific clinical process that helps the body combat the physical dependence for opioids. Most opioids are prescription drugs given by doctors following a surgery. Because of this fact, extended use can often lead to severe addiction, especially if the abuser does not realize it. As one of the top primary care physician Scottsdale clinics, we believe that formal therapy/counseling with a prescribed Suboxone treatment program is the best to fight this problem. Click on our link to learn more about our Suboxone Treatment program!

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