5 Benefits of Testosterone Therapy in the Bedroom

Testosterone therapy can greatly benefit your life by improving your energy level and your mood, but one of the best benefits is the one you may experience in the bedroom. Erection problems and a diminished sex drive are some of the most troubling effects of low testosterone (also call low androgen). For a man struggling with low testosterone it may not only effect him, but also his partner by impacting their sexual relationship.


How Low Testosterone Impacts Your Sex Life

The testosterone hormone is an essential part of sexual function and having low levels of it can also result in the lack of interest in sex, and weaker and smaller erections. Low energy, loss of sex drive, and erectile dysfunction are the three most common symptoms of low testosterone. This means that low T may have a big impact on your sex life. Out of all of the physical symptoms of low testosterone, decreased sexual function is reported to be the most frustrating.


5 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the Bedroom

Testosterone therapy treatment effectively corrects low testosterone levels in men. Some of the greatest impacts of testosterone therapy are seen in the bedroom. Men undergoing treatment may see improvements in their sex life in these 5 ways:

Better Sex Drive

Replacing lost testosterone activates androgen receptors in the brain, which are responsible for desire. It boosts the performance too.

More Confidence

Higher testosterone level brings you a better mood, more energy, improves muscle tone, and helps you lose weight. All of these can’t help but boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Better Erections

The number one benefit of this therapy is making your erectile dysfunction go away. Having higher levels of testosterone gives you your erections back, which you can easily sustain. Also low T usually makes your erections smaller in size and therapy can bring the size back.

Better Self Image

Testosterone replacement can also make a huge impact on how you see yourself. As it is helping you with your good mood, it also makes a difference on how you perceive yourself. If that would not be enough, testosterone stimulates muscle growth and helps you lose weight more quickly, which can be the reason of a great self image.

Better Orgasms

Testosterone is the ‘fuel’ for your sex drive, it directly impacts not only your performance but the finish as well.


To learn more about testosterone therapy, visit our page on testosterone therapy treatment.  Learn about the different options available and if this is the best course for you. If you suspect you may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, schedule an appointment to check your testosterone levels and see if testosterone therapy is right for you.

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