Tips on Preventing Low Back Pain From Golfing

Low back pain from golfing is extremely popular in those that enjoy one of America’s all-time favorite sport/past-times. This hinders the players and can frustrate them greatly because of it. But, as with so many different types of health concerns, efforts to prevent low back pain from golfing can go a very long way. Below, we explore a couple ways to prevent lower back pain from golfing, which includes the importance warming up, and how to swing properly.


Warming Up

Immediately swinging golf balls at 100 percent when you first approach the tee is almost a surefire way to sprain your back. A nice and thorough warm up is critical for the muscles to get ready for the game and will naturally relieve any other back aches. Warm ups and stretching should emphasize the shoulder, torso, hip, and hamstring regions.

Next, gently and smoothly swinging a golf club will help the muscle groups get warmed up. Start with the smaller irons and progress up to the larger woods to allow your muscles to incrementally warm up.

Overall, muscles that have been warming up are less prone to injuries, and can reduce any risks of low back pain from golfing.


Swinging Properly

The goal of the golf swing is to apply as much club-head speed as you can to the golf balls, and for that to happen, you need significant torque (force) and torsion (twisting).  Golfers should be emphasizing a smooth and rhythmic swing that produces less stress and strain to their shoulders, back, and hips.

A proper golf swing will rotate the body to share the load of the swing. The spine should be straight, and the golfer should bend slightly forward from the hips to avoid rigidity. To further avoid any form of lower back injury, working with a golfing pro when starting or getting back into it is highly advised.

If you are experiencing any sort of low back pain from golfing, or other related sports, come into our clinic today where we can help you! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ben Evans and you will never have to worry about your pain again.

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