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low t and diabetes

Can Low Testosterone in Men Cause Diabetes?

If you are 45 or older, a male, have type 2 diabetes, and are having trouble with sleeping and your sex life, the problem could be low testosterone. Recent studies have suggested that low testosterone was found in up to one-third of men who possess type 2 diabetes. With those men, those who are over 45 are twice as likely …

sciatica and lower back pain

3 Highly Effective Solutions for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica nerve pain, a common pain in adults, is leg pain that stems from a pinched nerve in the lower back. Although the effects take place in the nerve roots found on either side of the lower spine, the pain then courses through the sciatic nerve. This pain runs from the buttocks down to the foot in both legs. This …

chronic pain remedies

4 “Easy-to-Find” Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain

A common medical problem in the US is finding the best natural remedies for chronic pain. Chronic pain stems from many different injuries, illnesses, and other ailments and can cause significant issues in one’s professional and personal life. Typically classified as pain that lasts three months or longer, chronic pain can be both difficult to diagnose and treat.  It can …

stress and low t

Can Low Testosterone from Stress be a Big Problem?

Can low testosterone from stress be a big problem for people?  Good question…let’s look into it. Stress is associated with increased anxiety and depression.  It weakens your immune system and worsens the symptoms of many autoimmune diseases. Stress can also worsen diabetic blood sugar control, hypertension, many skin disorders, and the list goes on and on and on… Stress from low testosterone …

low back pain in golfing

Tips on Preventing Low Back Pain From Golfing

Low back pain from golfing is extremely popular in those that enjoy one of America’s all-time favorite sport/past-times. This hinders the players and can frustrate them greatly because of it. But, as with so many different types of health concerns, efforts to prevent low back pain from golfing can go a very long way. Below, we explore a couple ways …

effects of heroin

Short Term VS Long Term Effects of Heroin Use

Heroin use is an extremely deadly and addictive opioid drug that can lead to severe short term and long term effects. This includes personal, financial, and social changes. Unlike traditional prescription drugs/opiates, heroin is not only a very dangerous and harmful drug that often brings about chronic addiction, and death via overdose, it is also an illegal drug that can …

healthy testosterone in men

Simple Steps on How to Boost Low Testosterone in Men

Men with hormone problems are always looking for ways to boost low testosterone, especially if it affects their everyday life? Testosterone affects the lives of men in many ways. Not only is testosterone largely responsible for a healthy sex drive, the hormone is also essential for bone and muscle health, sperm production, fat metabolism, hair growth, and a sense of …

lower back pain

7 Bad Habits to Avoid That Causes Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can often times result from everyday bad habits that may strain and stress your body beyond its limits. Below, we will discuss seven common scenarios that may lead to back pain that could require medical attention. We’ll also discuss ways to prevent these scenarios from happening! Not Being Active Enough General fitness, and more specifically, active trunk and …

signs of low testosterone

Do Not Avoid These 6 Major Signs of Low Testosterone in Men!

Low Testosterone in men can lead to many health issues and concerns. Consequently, this can lead to a decrease in overall performance and sense of well-being. Symptoms that may accompany low testosterone include: • Loss in Libido • Low Muscle Mass/Strength • Increased Fat Distribution • Weakened Bone Density • Low Red Blood Cell Production • Depressed mood As you can …

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