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is balding linked with testosterone replacement therapy?

Is Baldness Linked to Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

A common question that men ask us our clinic is, “is baldness linked to testosterone replacement therapy?” Yes, and no. In this article we will tell you why testosterone replacement therapy does not cause baldness, but is “linked” to the common symptoms. Who Linked Baldness and Testosterone? Going as far back as the ancient Greeks, people thought that baldness was …

handling holiday stress

5 Simple Practices on Handling Stress and Anxiety

For those that spend their holidays with family and/or friends, it is common to feel joy this time of year…but for some they are looking for ways on how to handle the holiday stress. Frequently referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year,” there are many things that is appreciated about the season. Whether it is the time …

addicted to pain meds

My Spouse is Addicted to Pain Meds, What Should I Do?

It is nearly impossible for those not abusing and addicted to pain meds to understand how hard it is for those with the problem. When it comes to our loved ones, it is even much harder. The biggest problem for those with spouses who are addicted to prescription drugs is that it is hard to identify the addiction. It is …

acupuncture for chronic pain management

Can Pain be Treated with Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Management?

Although some people rely on modern medicine for pain, an alternative method is to use acupuncture for chronic pain management. Even though these are not common and considered alternative methods, they still outstanding results. All you have to do is to approach these with an open mind and the outcome will much better than you think.   What is the …

hot flashes in men

What are Hot Flashes in Men?

Are you trying to find what are hot flashes in men and how they can be treated? We are here to make the process easier by showing the causes, symptoms, and treatments for hot flashes in men! If you deal with this rare condition, then don’t hesitate and understand what it causes right away.   What are Hot Flashes in …

prescription drug abuse suboxone treatment help

The Patient’s Guide: Counseling for Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is extremely hard to overcome, but is a major accomplishment once the abuser can kick it. However, most people with opioid addiction will find that the real battle begins during the detox. This stage has been said to be the hardest because of the cravings, withdrawal symptoms and likeliness of relapse. These dangers of opioid addictions requires …

testosterone boosting foods

It’s Time to Eat Right: 6 Important Testosterone Boosting Foods

One of the most common questions that are asked of testosterone doctors today is, “Are there testosterone boosting foods that can naturally increase my testosterone levels?” The answer is YES! Those who ask this question can rest assured knowing that there are foods that they can include in their diet to help boost testosterone levels. These types of foods can …

help loved loves overcome opiate addiction

5 Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Overcome Opiate Abuse

If someone you love, like a friend or family member, is struggling with overcoming opiate addiction, simply sitting by and watching them may be uneasy. It is natural to want to reach out and help them, but where would you start? Perhaps you have pleaded for them to go to rehab, sign them up for programs to no avail, or …

relieve lower back pain naturally

7 Crucial Tips That Will Naturally Relieve Lower Back Pain

Dealing with back pain in the body is very tough, especially when those who do not want to pay for pain management and treatment are looking for natural ways to relieve lower back pain. There are many types of methods that one can go about to naturally ease the pain, but here we explore seven tips that does the job better …

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