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low t and sleep deprivation

The Truth About Low Testosterone and Sleep Deprivation

Low testosterone in men and insomnia have been seen to both result in daytime fatigue. However, can sleep deprivation and other sleep related issues be a cause of low T? Below we explore how these two are linked, and the steps you can take to lessen the risk of both. Based on some research, the link is there, but can go …

back pain treatment

The Four Common Pain Management Misconceptions

Many people have pain management misconceptions that specialists only write for pain medications as their solution for treating acute and chronic pain. However, that is quite false. It is our goal to maintain a healthy dosing of pain medications for our patients. Too much, and you risk long term side effects and damaging the body systems. As physicians and medical …

best drug detox foods

The Best Types of Foods for Drug Deox

Most of the time when people think of “drug detox”, they immediately think of getting clean to remove the toxic substance from the body. However, an essential part of the detox process is actually feeding your body to replace the lost nutrients and minerals. A healthy body makes it much easier to avoid a relapse, especially if you are undergoing …

low sex drive from foods

5 Foods That Lower Testosterone and Kills Sex Drive

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle with great hormone balance means you should not consume foods that lower testosterone. A big problem of low testosterone is low libido – another word for sex drive. The factors of low libido include sociological, psychological, and hormonal influences. Testosterone, a natural male hormone, will affect sex drive if there are low levels …

weight gain and hormonal imbalances

5 Ways to Restore Hormonal Imbalances That Cause Weight Gain

Hormonal Imbalances and metabolic issues may be the cause of excessive weight gain, particularly at the waist. This hormonal imbalance causes more inflammation and oxidative stress, and promotes even more fat storage. There are two types of fat: fat under your skin (subcutaneous) and a deeper more dangerous fat (visceral) coating your inner organs (fatty liver). This visceral fat has been linked to …

knee pain management

6 Common Risks that Lead to Knee Pain in Old Age

Knee pain may seem impossible to prevent as people get older, but understanding the common risks that lead to knee pain in old age can help fight against it. By reducing the risk for the give most common causes and factors, prevention of knee pain is a large possibility.   The Common Risk Factors of Knee Pain One of the …

effects of painkillers

The Scary Effects of Addiction to Painkillers and Opioids

Addiction to painkillers is a scary and growing problem in today’s age. It is also receiving much more media attention than it has in the past. Opioid drugs, also known as prescription painkillers, are both extremely powerful and addictive. There seems to be a lack of understanding about the dangers that our society does not see. These prescribed painkillers are …

exercising with low t

Is Exercise Really That Important with Helping Low Testosterone?

Men who have low levels of testosterone have found that exercise may help. There are many factors in exercising that can influence your testosterone levels. One thing is clear: you need to make exercise a habit to get the benefits. Exercise boosts your testosterone levels immediately after, but not for long. For men who may already be suffering from low …

5 heroin withdrawal tips

5 Opiate Withdrawal Tips to Help You Through Withdrawal

When it comes to quitting heroin, there are often many difficult obstacles on the way to sobriety. However, you can help yourself, or a friend or family member, get through the heroin withdrawal period much easier. Below we explore five withdrawal tips to help overcome the symptoms.   Plenty of Sleep Sleep is very important in helping getting through the …

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