Can Pain be Treated with Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Management?

Although some people rely on modern medicine for pain, an alternative method is to use acupuncture for chronic pain management. Even though these are not common and considered alternative methods, they still outstanding results. All you have to do is to approach these with an open mind and the outcome will much better than you think.


What is the Acupuncture Treatment?

Simply put, acupuncture is a complementary medical practice. The way it works is by stimulating various points of your body. It does that with the help of a needle that penetrates the skin in order to alleviate pain. It can also be used to deal with a wide array of conditions.

The acupuncture treatment was first used a millennia ago in China. In fact, it was the best way to treat conditions and it did involve the trust between the patient and doctor. During the middle ages and afterwards, the acupuncture treatment did become more and more popular in Europe, and it also reached the Americas soon after that. A study has shown that acupuncture is very good against chronic pain, and it also does a very good job at alleviating any pain created by various conditions too.

While some consider the acupuncture treatment to be nothing more but a placebo, many will say the opposite. The idea is that it focuses on specific nerves and their connection to the body. So, it will focus on eliminating the pain simply by offering the proper stimulation!

acupuncture for chronic pain management definition

Acupuncture helps alleviate pain and help treat various health conditions through the process of needles penetrating the skin.

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Does Acupuncture Actually Work?

Yes, the acupuncture treatment does work very well as long as it’s performed by a professional. This really helps a lot and it can bring in a rewarding and distinct experience. You should focus on finding the right ways to deal with chronic pain as you see fit. The idea here is that this is not a treatment for people that have a needle phobia. For those that do, there are other types of treatments for chronic pain relief.

Other than that, acupuncture for chronic pain management works very well for almost everyone, and it won’t have any side effects. The idea is to use it as an alternative treatment. You can try it out at any given time and you can see if the results are worth it or not. It really is worth your time, and in the end it can provide you with a rewarding set of benefits in no time.

Even if it sounds a bit strange at first, the acupuncture treatment does work really well and it can help you deal with various types of pain and health issues. The results are efficient, distinct and you will surely enjoy the outcome delivered this way. Plus, because the acupuncture treatment is simple and efficient, it is not expensive either!

the truth about acupuncture for chronic pain management

As long as it is performed by a professional, acupuncture can help treat musculoskeletal problems and other medical issues.


Although we do not provide acupuncture for chronic pain management, we believe that there are many people that should be open to various treatments if traditional treatments do not work. At Scottsdale Internal Medicine, we treat chronic pain with medication, which for some is much easier to take than setting up acupuncture appointments.

For more information on how to get treated for pain effectively with the use of medications, contact Dr. Ben Evans and schedule an appointment today!

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